Below are the current courses available through the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program in our I am for the child Academy.  

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Chapter 1   - Introducing the Volunteer Role (Independent Study)
Chapter 2 -
Child Abuse and Neglect (Independent Study)
Chapter 3 -
Child Well-Being (Independent Study)
Chapter 4 -
Developing Cultural Competence
Chapter 5 -
Effective Communication and Interviewing Skills
Chapter 6 -
Information Gathering, Documentation and Judicial Reviews
Chapter 7 -
Child Welfare and the Law
Chapter 8 -
Chapter 9 -
Educational Advocacy
Chapter 10 -
Trauma & Resilience
Chapter 11 -
Wrap Up / Next Steps

Discipline for Students with Disabilities (CLE credit)
Dynamics of Sexual Abuse (CLE credit)
Evaluations for Children in Foster Care
Extended School Year
Florida Progression and Graduation Requirements
IEP Meeting: A Practical Approach and FAQ's
Innovating Child Welfare (CLE credit)
Learning how to Fully Protect Your Student with a Disability (CLE credit)
Overview of Exceptional Education (CLE credit)

Overview of Exceptional Student Education (Special Education) 
Psychotropic Medication
Special Education through the Lens of Trauma Informed Care
Understanding Implicit Bias

Adoption Interventions (CLE credit)
Advanced Advocacy in Education (CLE credit)
Case Law Review
Case Planning with Incarcerated Parents (CLE credit)
Child Hearsay Exception
Developmental Disabilities

Delinquency 101:  What every Guardian ad Litem needs to know (CLE Requested)

Educational Protections for Children with Disabilities (CLE Requested)
Ethics Training Scenario
Extended Foster Care and Related Services
Florida's Behavioral Health System Overview (CLE credit)
Human Trafficking (CLE credit)
Immigration and the Dependency System

Impact of Juvenile Court on Children with Mental Health Needs (CLE Requested)
Independent Living Update (CLE credit)

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel (CLE requested)
Is it Time to go Home Yet? Conditions for Return and Reunification (CLE credit)
Judicial Notice (CLE credit)
Keeping Children Safe Act (CLE credit)
Master Trusts and Social Security (CLE offered through 09/16/19)
Parenting and Visitation (CLE credit)
Party Status, Empowering and Obligating Action (Mandatory for Staff and Attorneys. Volunteers encouraged to enroll.) (CLE credit)
Psychotropic Medication Refresher (CLE credit)
Regis Little Act - Protecting Children with Special Needs (CLE credit)
Senate Bill 7026 - Public Safety (CLE credit)
Sibling Separation (CLE credit)
Special Needs Attorney ad Litem
Special Needs Trusts and ABLE Accounts (CLE credit)
Supportive Guardian ad Litem Program Services - Diligent Searches
View from the Bench (Mandatory for Attorneys) (CLE credit)

Developing a Well Written Judicial Review Report
GAL Volunteer Testimony
Testifying in Court: How to Get Your Position Across Effectively (Mandatory for Staff and Attorneys.  Volunteers encouraged to enroll.) (CLE credit)

(2018 Guardian ad Litem Disabilities Training Conference)

CLE for each course approved through November 3, 2019 

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