Dr. Katie Kelly

The Impact of COVID 19 on the Education of Students with Disabilities (May 2020)

This course focuses on the impact of COVID 19 and educating students with disabilities and how you can advocate for your student in these difficult times.

Alicia Guerra, Carol Mitchell, Sandra McLaughlin, Florida Guardian ad Litem Program,

Kids Say The Darndest Things (April 2020): Effective Questioning and Understanding of the Child Witness

This presentation will focus on assessing the need for child testimony, the suitability of the child witness, and entering statements of children.

Ginger Ross

Recovery 101 Workshop Series: Part 2

This webinar is part of a four part series that will provide a basic understanding of return to use (relapse) and prevention strategies.


Recovery 101 Workshop Webinar Series

Guardian ad Litem State Office

Confidentiality in Child Welfare Cases (Mandatory Staff and Attorney Training)

Confidentiality in child welfare cases can often times create a lot of questions and confusion.


Guardian ad Litem Independent Study

Phase One