What is the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program? Click here for more information.

What is involved in becoming a volunteer? It is an easy process! Click here for all the details.

How do I apply to become a Florida Guardian ad Litem? Contact your local office or complete an inquiry form.

Who is the contact for my local Guardian ad Litem Program? Click here to be linked to a contact screen.

Click here to review frequently asked questions about the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program. 


What if I lose the copy of my certificate?  Go to your account details and choose "Certificates". All of your completed courses will appear and you can download, save and/or print any certificates.

Is there a charge for taking any of the courses in the I am for the child Academy?  Absolutely not!  All the courses are free to take. Just register for any course you would like to complete.  

How do I create a new account?  To create a new account, go to https://florida-guardian-ad-litem-program.thinkific.com.  Click “Sign In” on the upper right hand side of the screen.  Select “Create a new account” and complete the following fields:  First Name / Last Name / County of residence / Email address / and New password.  Click “Sign up”

Help!  I forgot my password!!  Don't worry.  We can definitely help.  If you forgot your email password, go to “Sign In” and click “Forgot Password”.  You will be prompted to type in your email address.  Directions will then be emailed to you to create your new password to login.  

I can’t get the site to launch.  It might be the browser you are using for your system.  All of the following browsers (except otherwise noted) are supported for the latest two versions:

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The training content will not load.  With the number of different browsers and different electronic devices available today you may sometimes experience difficulty with your course not loading properly. If this is the case, please use this troubleshooting guide:  Academy Troubleshooting Guide (11.06.18).pdf