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Certification for Child Advocate Managers has been made possible by the support of the Florida Legislature and was developed in partnership with:  

  • The Florida Certification Board who are overseeing professional certification standards and requirements and
  • The University of South Florida who has helped in developing our curriculum
  • Certification has also been a coordinated effort with National CASA and our Regional & Circuit Leadership.  

Regional Trainers

Our Regional Trainers are responsible for delivering Certification Training and preparing each new CAM for their Certification Exam. Our trainers have held these roles since the inception of the Certification process.

Regional Trainer, Northern Region

Lindsay Muren

Lindsay Muren, graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a child and family focus. Lindsay has also obtained her Professional Certification in Trauma and Resilience: Level One from Florida State University in 2021. Lindsay is a Jacksonville native, so you can always find her cheering on the Jacksonville Jaguars, spending time with her husband and their adorable new baby boy, Dane or playing with her super cute dog, Ziggy! Lindsay has been with the Program for about 6 years. She loved her time as a Child Advocate Manager in the 4th Circuit, and she is now thrilled to be working as the Regional Trainer for the Northern Region. Lindsay has a passion for working with children and families and is excited to continue to learn and share her experience and ideas to CAMs throughout the Program. She is most excited about her goal to not only be a knowledgeable and dedicated trainer for the current and new CAMs but, to be a resource to guide the CAMs and Circuit Trainers throughout their careers with the Program.

Regional Trainer, Southern Region

Brianna Apostolopoulos, MSW

Brianna Apostolopoulos joined the Guardian ad Litem Program in 2010 after graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Sciences and a minor in Psychology. In 2014, Brianna graduated with Honors from Florida Atlantic University with her Master of Social Work degree, where she was inducted into the Phi Alpha Honor Society and received her Child Welfare Certificate. Brianna has also obtained her Professional Certification in Trauma and Resilience: Level One from Florida State University in 2020. Prior to stepping into a Regional Trainer position, Brianna was a Child Advocate Manager II in the 19th Judicial Circuit since 2014. She was jointly recognized with the 2016 Circuit Team Award as well as the Florida Statewide Guardian ad Litem Core Value award for Communication Built on Trust. Brianna truly believes in the Guardian ad Litem Program’s team model approach to advocacy. Through her role as a trainer she hopes to empower others in the state to take their advocacy to the next level. One of her favorite quotes both personally and professionally comes from author, Nicholas Sparks, “Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.”

CCAM Certification

Certified Child Advocate Manager

Our Child Advocate Managers are tasked with advising, coaching and mentoring each Guardian ad Litem Volunteer who is assigned to a child in the dependency system. In accordance with our Office Standards, our CAMs work with each volunteer and Guardian ad Litem Attorney to deliver quality representation and give a voice to each child the Office is appointed to. In partnership with the Florida Certification Board, our CAMs are each responsible for obtaining and maintaining a professional-level credential, Certified Child Advocate Manager (CCAM).

CCAM Requirements

Each CAM must meet specific requirements to receive their CCAM Certification.

  • Attend Certification Training

  • Have 1,500 work hours (approximately 9 months)

  • 20 hours of supervision / observation

  • Documented field visits accompanied by supervisor

  • Pass Certification Exam

Maintaining Your CCAM Credential

Each CAM is responsible for maintaining their  CCAM credential as part of their employment. The requirements to maintain the CCAM credential are set forth by the Florida Certification Board. Information on maintaining your credential and renewal requirements can be found below.

Supervising Your CAMs During Certification Training

Each CAM going through Certification Training is required to have 20 hours of supervision with a qualified supervisor. Supervision with each CAM should include at least 10 hours of one-on-one supervision, but may also include group supervision as well. We encourage our supervisors to check out the links below for more resources.

       CCAM Multiple Event Supervision Form

 CCAM Single Event Supervision Form

Tips for Successful Supervision

Supervision Topics by Domain

Redacted Field Observation Example

CCAM Multiple Event Form Example

CCAM Single Event Supervision Form Example


  • When will I start Certification Training?

    Each new CAM hire will be enrolled into Onboarding Training 30 - 60 days into their employment. Each CAM will begin Certification Training by month 4 of their employment, possibly sooner.

  • What are the Certification Domains?

    In no specific order, the CCAM Certification Domains are: Child Advocacy Management, Volunteer Coaching, Relationship Building, Management & Support, Court Preparation and Participation, and Legal, Ethical and Professional Responsibilities.

  • When should I begin supervision with my new CAM?

    Begin documenting the dates and times you meet with your CAM from the beginning, as well as any topics discussed. This helps to create a routine from the start. You will spend most of your time at first covering the Onboarding Checklist and tasks listed on that sheet. The majority of the supervision hours as it relates to CAM Certification should begin once they have started Certification Training with the Regional Trainers. The expectation is that the domains and concepts being taught during the training are being discussed in supervision. CAMs going through Certification Training should be able to apply the concepts and practices to their role / job duties. You will receive specific deadlines from your Regional Trainer for field observations.

  • How many hours of supervision are required for CAM Certification?

    Each CAM is required to have 20 hours of supervision. 10 of the 20 hours MUST be individual, one on one supervision. These ongoing supervision hours can be documented on the Multiple Event form or a Single Event from. In addition to these 20 hours, there are 3 field visits that are required.

  • What do the three field observations consist of?

    Each CAM must be observed in three professional settings by their certified supervisor. The observations MUST include: one interaction between CAM and a child, one interaction between CAM and a volunteer, and one additional observation of a CAM in any professional setting (second home visit, second interaction with a volunteer, an advocacy team staffing, a court hearing where testimony is provided, etc.). Each observation is to be followed up by a discussion between CAM and supervisor. This discussion should include feedback from both, CAM and supervisor as to how the interaction went. A summary of the observation and the follow up discussion should be documented on a Single Event form and signed by both the CAM and the supervisor. These observations and discussions following must total 1.5 – 2 hours.

  • Can we use an electronic signature on the supervision forms?

    Yes, an electronic signature can be created to sign the PDF. This is the preferred method of signing these forms.

  • Do I need to wait until all forms are completed to send them to my Regional Trainer?

    No! Please feel free to send your Regional Trainer any supervision documents as you complete them. This will allow your Regional Trainer to provide any feedback on the completed forms and address anything that needs to be clarified, as you move through the process with your CAM.

  • How many hours of training do I need to maintain my certification?

    Once you are certified, you will need 20 continuing education hours every year. You will be responsible for tracking your training hours. Optima is where you will track your hours; you can enter all the training information including, the training title, the trainer name, and the corresponding certification domain. If a training does not have an accompanying certificate or is taken from a source outside of the Guardian ad Litem Office, a brief summary of the training is required in the note section. This information is what connects an approved training source to your re-certification.

  • What trainings are acceptable for CE hours towards recertification?

    Any training the CAM attends that can fall under the four domains is acceptable. You need to list in the notes section which domain it falls under when you put it in Optima. Books and movies are not acceptable alone. If there is a group reading the book and a formal training out together (questions to be answered, and a discussion about the contents / the concepts learned), that can be included as a training. Trainings that count include, but are not limited to, trainings on the FCB website, courses completed in the I am for the child Academy, circuit trainings that you have not already attended elsewhere (no duplications), DCF Family & Child Summit trainings, and college courses that you can apply to the domains. Many more trainings are acceptable. If there is a trainer and the topic falls under one of the domains, it should be acceptable. If there are any questions regarding a training please reach out to your regional trainer for clarification.