Trauma-Informed Care

2019 Symposium - Building Stronger Communities (CLE Courses) | taught by Guardian ad Litem State Office Training Team
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Guardian ad Litem State Office Training Team
Guardian ad Litem State Office Training Team
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Speakers:  Casi Knowles and Erin Wirsing
Being “trauma-informed” suggests that as helpers, we learn about trauma and its effects on an individual, to better meet someone where they are. Using a trauma lens helps us understand why someone might think or behave the way they do. It can be frustrating when a youth acts out, engages in risky behaviors, withdraws, or does not appreciate our time and effort. Understanding trauma’s effect on the brain and behavior helps providers create a safe space in order to promote an individual’s ability to benefit from the helping relationship.

For those with the Guardian ad Litem Program, this 1.5 hour training does apply towards in-service hours.  

When inputting into Optima, please select "ACES/Effects of Trauma".

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Survey
1.5 hrs

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