Educational Advocacy

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  • Are there requirements for how students can be promoted or retained in a grade? 
  • How do the Florida Statutes address the eligibility requirements for a student to be promoted to the 4th grade? 
  • What are the options and requirements for high school graduation? 

These questions and many more are answered in this webinar in order to assist you with navigating this complicated and at times, confusing topic.

Dr. Katie  Kelly

Dr. Katie Kelly

M.ED., PH.D., ESQ.

Dr. Katie Kelly, M.ED., PH.D., ESQ., with Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida is an expert on Educational Advocacy.    At the end of the webinar Dr. Kelly provided a question and answer period for those attending the webinar on the original recording date. You may find that information useful to you in your own advocacy.

We know you will gain tremendous information from her training and encourage you to take advantage of other webinars Dr. Kelly moderates and leads. 

The Florida Guardian ad Litem Program is so grateful to the generosity and expert knowledge Dr. Kelly has provided regarding Educational Advocacy.    Thank you, Dr. Kelly!

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1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

Florida Progression and Graduation Requirements