DISCIPLINE: What you need to know when your student gets in trouble

Educational Advocacy / January 2020 (1 CLE Credit) | taught by Dr. Katie Kelly

Course description

DISCIPLINE:  What you need to know when your student gets in trouble at school. 

This course focuses on school discipline based upon the District Code of Conduct which explain specific information about infractions and possible consequences and how you can advocate for your student.

1 CLE Credit Available 


1 In-service hour Available 

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Dr. Katie  Kelly
Dr. Katie Kelly
M.ED., PH.D., ESQ.

Dr. Katie Kelly, M.ED., PH.D., ESQ., with Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida is an expert on Educational Advocacy.    At the end of the webinar Dr. Kelly provided a question and answer period for those attending the webinar on the original recording date. You may find that information useful to you in your own advocacy.

Course Curriculum

DISCIPLINE: What You Need to Know When Your Student Gets in Trouble
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