Child Well-Being

Independent Study - Chapter Three | Developed by Guardian ad Litem State Office Training Team

Course description

This course provides an overview of the needs and development of children.  Children's needs depend upon their age, stage of development, attachment to their family/caregivers, and reaction to what is happening around them. 

The objectives of this course include understanding: 

  • Age appropriate behavior in children 
  • A child's basic needs 
  • Why the Minimum Sufficient Level of Care Standard is in the best interest of children 
  • The cycle of attachment 
  • How abuse and neglect can disrupt a child's development

This material has been exclusively designed for I am for the child Academy. 

Guardian ad Litem State Office  Training Team
Guardian ad Litem State Office Training Team
Training Specialists

Thank you for caring about abused, abandoned and neglected children.  As Director of Operations for Florida‘s Guardian ad Litem Program, on behalf of our children and our training team, I want to thank you for your interest in this course.  

I encourage you to view all the trainings available through I am for the Child Academy. We will be updating course offerings on a regular basis and hope you check back in with us often.  Should you decide to participate in this course I hope it meets your expectations and assists in your role working with our most vulnerable children.  Once you have completed the training, I would appreciate it if you took the time to rate the course and provide any feedback you would like to share.  



Course Curriculum

Section 1: Well-Being of the Child
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Section 2: Advocacy in Action
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Section 3: Chapter Wrap-Up
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Reviews (22)


by Desiree Myers

by Margaret Sowders

Child Well-Being

by Patty Nicholson
Better understanding of the development stages and effects of abuse..
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by Desiree Myers

by Margaret Sowders

Child Well-Being

by Patty Nicholson
Better understanding of the development stages and effects of abuse..

by Isabella Valerio

Child Well- Being

by Zuhey Medina-Gonzalez
Informative and easy to follow

by Yaidelice M. Feliciano Nieves

by cynthia bronson

Chapter 3

by Michael Alicea
Straightforward and to the point. I very well formatted summary.

by susan jesse

by lourdes claudio

by Jonathan Blair

by Susan Orci


by Diana Kenney
Glad best interests of the child was spelled out as well as respecting their unique culture. Impressed that the custom approach for each child includes their heritage.

Timney Review of Child Well-Being

by Donna Timney
Clear, informative, relevant.

Very informative course

by Shelley Shevchik
Great refresher course for me. Easy to follow and understand.

by lunide guillaume
well explain, very interesting

Great Info

by Enide Bellamy
Lots of follow up information and resources were provided

Chapter 3

by Holly VanHoose
Well written, interesting and easy to understand. Liked the varied formats for the different parts.

Accurately represents the contents of the chapter.

by Allison Gheen
Extremely informative and easy to follow.

Child Well-Being

by Deborah Lauren

by LeTrenna Mosley
This course was great! I learned a lot about how to asses the well-being of a child and how to use the "Best Interest Principle" to figure what a child really needs. I especially liked that this chapter gave scenarios of cases one might have as a GAL volunteer and recommendations of what a GAL volunteer might do in each situation.

Child Well-Being

by susan gardner
Excellent presentation. Easy to follow and detailed oriented.