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I am for the child Academy CATALOG

(updated 08/14/20)

Below are the current courses available through the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program in our I am for the child Academy.  

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Chapter 01 - Introducing the Volunteer Role (Independent Study) 
Chapter 02 -  Child Abuse and Neglect (Independent Study) 
Chapter 03 - Child Well-Being (Independent Study) 
Chapter 04 - Developing Cultural Competence
Chapter 05 - Effective Communication and Interviewing Skills
Chapter 06 - Information Gathering, Documentation and Judicial  Reviews
Chapter 07 - Child Welfare and the Law
Chapter 08 - Poverty
Chapter 09 - Educational Advocacy
Chapter 10 - Trauma & Resilience
Chapter 11 - Wrap Up / Next Steps

2018 Florida Guardian ad Litem Disabilities Training Conference "What's Your Super Power?"
2019 Florida Guardian ad Litem Symposium "Specialized Advocacy for Children"
CAM ECHO Trainings 
Educational Advocacy (2019-2020)
Educational Advocacy 2018-2019 Webinars
Guardian ad Litem Independent Study
Guardian ad Litem Pre-Service Training
Legal Topic of the Month Webinars (2020)
Legal Training Calls (2018)
Legal Training Calls (2019)
Legal Training Calls (June-December 2017)
Mandatory Staff and/or Attorney Training
Recovery 101 Workshop Series
Strengthening Resiliency and Preventing Vicarious Trauma

Advanced Advocacy in Education (1 hr CLE) *
An Overview of Exceptional Student Education (Special Education) 
CAM ECHO September 2020
Discipline for Students with Disabilities
DISCIPLINE: What You Need to Know When Your Student Gets in Trouble (January 2020)  *
Dynamics of Sexual Abuse (1 hr CLE) *
Educational Evaluations: What You Absolutely Need to Know
Evaluations for Children in Foster Care
Extended School Year *
Family Functioning Assessment (FFA) *
Florida Progression and Graduation Requirements 
Florida Progression and Graduation Requirements (February 2020) *
IEP Meeting:  A Practical Approach and FAQ's *
Impact of COVID-19 on the Education of Students with Disabilities  *
Innovating Child Welfare 
Internet Dangers Facing Our Children
Learning how to Fully Protect Your Student with a Disability
Learning how to Fully Protect Your Student with a Disability in School Using Section 504
MAKING THE DIFFERENCE (Mandatory Staff Training) *
Medical Marijuana *
Overview of Exceptional Education (1.5 hrs CLE) *
Permanency From The Beginning
Recovery 101 Workshop Series Part 1: Behaviors of Addiction *
Recovery 101 Workshop Series Part 2: Return to Use *
Recovery 101 Workshop Series Part 3 Biases *
Recovery 101 Workshop Series Part 4: Stages & Pathways of Recovery *
Sibling Relationships and Planned Transitions for Children in Care 
Special Education through the Lens of Trauma Informed Care *
Strengthening Resiliency and Preventing Vicarious Trauma Series: Part 1
Strengthening Resiliency and Preventing Vicarious Trauma Series: Part 2
Strengthening Resiliency and Preventing Vicarious Trauma Series: Part 3
Understanding Implicit Bias

2019 Legislative Updates  *
Adoption Interventions 
Case Law Review
Case Planning with Incarcerated Parents
Child Hearsay Exception
Child Support: An Overview *
Confidentiality in Child Welfare Cases (Mandatory staff training)  
Delinquency 101: What every Guardian ad Litem needs to know  (Mandatory staff training)  * 
Developmental Disabilities
Educational Protections for Children with Disabilities * 
Ethics Training Scenario
Evidenced Based Parenting and Visitation 
Extended Foster Care and Related Services
Florida's Behavioral Health System Overview (1 hr CLE)
GAL Volunteer Testimony
Human Trafficking 
Immigration & Child Issues * 
Immigration and the Dependency System
Impact of Juvenile Courts on Children with Mental Health Needs *  
Independent Living Update (1 hr CLE) * 
Ineffective Assistance of Counsel (1 CLE) *  
Intellectual Disability * 
Is it Time to go Home Yet? Conditions for Return and Reunification 
Judicial Notice (1 hr CLE) * 
Keeping Children Safe Act (1 hr CLE) * 
Kid's Say The Darndest Things:  Effective Questioning and Understanding of the Child Witness * 
Master Trusts and Social Security
Party Status, Empowering and Obligating Action * 
Psychotropic Medication
Psychotropic Medication Refresher 
Regis Little Act - Protecting Children with Special Needs
Residential Mental Health Treatment for Children and Adolescents * 
Senate Bill 7026 - Public Safety 
Sibling Separation (1 hr CLE) * 
Special Needs Attorney ad Litem
Special Needs Trusts and ABLE Accounts
Supportive GALP Services - Diligent Searches 
Trauma Informed Legal Advocacy * 
View from the Bench (Mandatory staff training) * 
Witness Preparation (March 2020)

Abusive Head Trauma: An Overview for Guardians at Litem
Developing a Well Written Judicial Review Report
Out of Circuit Co-Guardian Advocacy (Mandatory staff training) * 
Pre-Service Classroom Materials (Staff only - special access required) 
Testifying in Court: How to Get Your Position Across Effectively (Mandatory staff training) * 

The Keys to Good Documentation (Mandatory staff training -special access required) *

2019 Florida Guardian ad Litem Symposium "Specialized Advocacy for Children - Building Stronger Communities" 

CLEs effective through 11/30/20

(2019) Adulting 101: WIOA, Transition and Social Security Benefits for Students with Disabilities *
A National Crisis: When Autism is Mistaken for Criminal Behavior and the Devastating Consequences *
Access Beyond the Classroom *
Children’s Privacy on Social Media *
Closing the Gap with GAP: Florida’s New Guardianship Assistance Program *
Dependency Representation and the JAC *
Disposition or Treatment: The Impact of Juvenile Courts on Children with Mental Health Needs *
Find Teens Confusing? You Are Not Alone. Let’s (Try To) Figure Them Out Together *
Florida Medicaid Managed Care – What’s New?: In Lieu of Services Benefits *
Human Trafficking: Do You Look Like a Victim?  * 
Making the Most of Expert Witness Testimony: Best Practices in the Wake of DeLisle v. Crane Co. * 
Put Your Best Foot Forward with the 3 P’s of Advocacy: Enhancing Attorney & Child Advocate Manager *
Representing the Child’s Interests in Adoption Intervention Proceedings  * 
Representing Transgender Youth: Cultural Competency and Advocacy Tips *
Rights of Parents and/or Children with Disabilities to Receive Accommodations to Achieve Permanency *
Runaway Train: Dependency and the School-to-Prison Pipeline *
The Impact of Trauma *
The Regis Little Act: Guardianship and the Alternatives in Dependency Cases *
Trauma-Informed Care *
Understanding Due Process in Chapter 39 to Achieve the Best Possible Outcomes for Children *
Understanding the Unified Family Court System When Advocating for Special Needs Dependent Children *

2018 GAL Disabilities Training Conference, "What's Your Super Power?"

CLEs expired 

(2018) Adulting 101: WIOA, Transition and Social Security Benefits for Students with Disabilities
Advocating for Families of Children with Complex Medical Issues When MCA Accusations are Made 
Challenges & Pitfalls in Achieving Permanency for Children Whose Parents Receive APD Services
Facility Dogs Helping Vulnerable Witnesses Find their Voice and Heal 
From Chaos to Clarity 
General Session - Registry Panel 
General Session: GAL Talks - Telling the Child's Story with Meaning
How to Ensure that All Disabilities - Related Needs of a Child are Met
Human Trafficking Awareness & Education 
Increasing Access to Behavior Health Services Through Technology 
Knocking Down the Silo: Let's All See That RTC 
Pro Bono's Role in the Work/Life Balance
Protecting the Child's Voice: Use & Application of the Child Hearsay Rule in Dependency Cases 
Runaway Train: Dependency & the School to Prison Pipeline 
Special Needs Trusts & ABLE Accounts - 2018 Update 
The Effects of Toxic Stress on the Developing Brain 
The Superpowers of Special Litigation-Representing the Vulnerable Youth
The Value of Permanency for All Children
Up UP and Away! How to Help Your Wheelchair Bound Clients Soar 
Welcome & Opening Session 
Welcome & Opening Session - Great Minds Don't Always Think Alike 
Work/Life Balance - Mindfulness in High Conflict
You Don't Have to Do it Alone - Building an Advocacy Team through Due Process Services for Attorneys for Children 

Court Preparation and Participation
GAL Standards, Ethics, and Responsibilities Review