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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504, part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are 2 extremely important federal laws that impact the lives of children with disabilities in school. In fact, Section 504 is considered the most powerful education law in the United States. As an advocate for a child with disabilities, you should be aware of what each of these laws mandates and the rights they protect. This webinar provides an in depth look at IDEA and Section 504. The purpose is to help you create a pathway to accessing help for your child to receive an education that meets their needs and allows them to experience normalcy while attending school.

Course Objectives - Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Broadly define IDEA and Section 504
  • Identify the majority of disabilities covered under IDEA
  • Present the reasons why Section 504 is considered the most powerful education law in the United States
  • Recognize red flags that signal a student may qualify for 504 protections
  • Share the differences between an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and a 504 Plan

NOTE:  For GAL Staff and Volunteers, the Optima training topic for this course is "Educational Advocacy."  

Dr. Katie  Kelly

Dr. Katie Kelly

M.ED., PH.D., ESQ.

Dr. Katie Kelly, M.ED., PH.D., ESQ., with Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida is an expert on Educational Advocacy.    At the end of the webinar Dr. Kelly provided a question and answer period for those attending the webinar on the original recording date. You may find that information useful to you in your own advocacy.

This course is presented via webinar by Dr. Katie Kelly with Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida.  We know you will gain tremendous information from her training and encourage you to take advantage of other webinars she moderates and leads. 

The Florida Guardian ad Litem Program is so grateful to the generosity and expert knowledge Dr. Kelly has provided regarding Educational Advocacy.    Thank you, Dr. Kelly!

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