2018 Florida Guardian ad Litem Disabilities Training Conference "What's Your Super Power?"

Course description

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, children with disabilities are entitled to have additional services so each child can have equal access to programs and services of the dependency program, as well as the right to be integrated into the community. 
You will learn what type of accommodations are available and how to effectively advocate for accommodations. 

Speaker:  Matthew Dietz, Esquire

Guardian ad Litem  State Office

Guardian ad Litem State Office

Legal Counsel

Guest Presenters: 

  • Kristen Solomon, Esquire - Statewide Director of Operations 
  • Camille Frazer, Esquire - Regional Legal Counsel Southern
  • Kathleen Clendining, Esquire - Managing Attorney, 15th Circuit
  • Brittany Rutan, Esquire - Managing Attorney, 9th Circuit 
Course Contents

1 Video

1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

How to Ensure that All Disabilities-Related Needs of a Child are Met