Monthly Legal Training Calls (2018)

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Adoption intervention allows a parent whose child has been removed by the state to retain their rights to make a private adoption plan with a qualified family member, provided their parental rights are still intact.  This training addresses the intervention timeline, valid consent, and requirements involved with adoption interventions. 

Guest Speakers:  6th Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program

Guardian ad Litem  State Office

Guardian ad Litem State Office

Legal Counsel

Guest Presenters: 

  • Kristen Solomon, Esquire - Statewide Director of Operations 
  • Camille Frazer, Esquire - Regional Legal Counsel Southern
  • Kathleen Clendining, Esquire - Managing Attorney, 15th Circuit
  • Brittany Rutan, Esquire - Managing Attorney, 9th Circuit 
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Adoption Interventions (July 20, 2018)