Monthly Legal Training Calls (2018)

Course description

This training provides information regarding:

  • Historical background leading to the passage of the Regis Little Act
  • Legal elements of the statute
  • Practice application of the Act and Procedure 
  • Case studies, examples, and success stories experienced in the 5th Judicial Circuit

Guest Speakers:  

Ryan Johnson, Senior Attorney and his colleagues in the 5th Circuit for the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program.

Attorney conference calls provide up-to-date information on topics related to legal advocacy. These trainings are conducted by both Program staff and experts from outside the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program. Unless otherwise noted, each hour long presentation has been approved for CLE credit which is good for 18 months from the original Conference Date.

Guardian ad Litem  State Office

Guardian ad Litem State Office

Legal Counsel

Guest Presenters: 

  • Kristen Solomon, Esquire - Statewide Director of Operations 
  • Camille Frazer, Esquire - Regional Legal Counsel Southern
  • Kathleen Clendining, Esquire - Managing Attorney, 15th Circuit
  • Brittany Rutan, Esquire - Managing Attorney, 9th Circuit 
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1.0 hr

Course Curriculum