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Everyone knows Guardians ad Litem/Volunteer Child Advocates are a party to dependency cases, but sometimes it is helpful to remind ourselves of how we can use our party status to get things done for children. 

This training will cover all the ways the Guardian ad Litem party status both empowers and obligates all of us to zealously advocate for our kids. Using case examples, we will talk about when to ask for action and when to initiate it ourselves. We will discuss how to effectively utilize our authority to overcome common barriers and talk about strategies for maintaining professional, collaborative working relationships while ensuring we put the needs of children first.

This 1-hour webinar is presented by the Guardian ad Litem Program's Director of Legal Advocacy, Kelly Swartz, Esq. , Director of Operations, Frank Prado, and Southern Regional Director, Kristen Solomon, Esq., C.P.M.

The webinar is highly recommended for all staff but it is mandatory for all Child Advocate Managers, Child Advocate Manager IIs, Best Interest Attorneys,  Assistant Directors, Circuit Directors and Senior Attorneys. 
Volunteers are also welcome and encouraged to attend. 

1 CLE Credit Available


1 In-Service Hour Available 

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by Alexia Mitchell


by deb ingrassia

by Alexia Mitchell


by deb ingrassia

Guardian ad Litem  State Office

Guardian ad Litem State Office

Legal Counsel

Guest Presenters: 

  • Kristen Solomon, Esquire - Statewide Director of Operations 
  • Camille Frazer, Esquire - Regional Legal Counsel Southern
  • Kathleen Clendining, Esquire - Managing Attorney, 15th Circuit
  • Brittany Rutan, Esquire - Managing Attorney, 9th Circuit 
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